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Music · 03/01/2018
"Four Walls" is a country song written in 1951by Marvin J. Moore and George H. Campbell, Jr. (music). Moore also wrote the lyrics for the hit song Green Door. Jim Reeves had noticed the song in the office of record producer Chet Atkins and asked to record it. Atkins felt that the song was more suitable for a female singer but Reeves persisted and eventually a recording was made on February 7, 1957. Many of the singer's previous records had been made in a forceful style but Reeves employed a more
Music · 11/06/2017
"Jambalaya (On the Bayou) "is a song written and recorded by the American country singer Hank Williams that was first released in July of 1952.Named for a Creole and Cajun dish, jambalaya, it spawned numerous cover versions and has since achieved popularity in several different music genres.Williams recorded the song on June 13, 1952, his first recording session in six months, at Castle Studio in Nashville with backing provided by Jerry Rivers (fiddle), Don Helms (steel guitar), Chet Atkins (lea